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He watches Clarissa arrive and, unaware of her identity or her recent actions, he asks her why she's being imprisoned, Clarissa responds with a laugh. Afterward, with the help of Drummer, Naomi is led to Holden. Together once more, they catch up then discuss Holden's.

Congregation begins on the Rocinante where Clarissa has been restrained in the medical bay. Clarissa tries to activate her endocrine enhancement implant but, is prevented from doing this because she is receiving a heavy dose of blockers. Anna slaps Clarissa for insulting Tilly, while. Amos.

The protomolecule creators cauterized entire systems to prevent the invasion from spreading. Holden informs Ashford the protomolecule is not a weapon but a creation designed to build roads, treating the humans on. Eros as one would treat an anthill being paved over by a road.

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Naomi eventually gets enough time to go see. Drummer, who has lost any sensation in her lower body. Her spine was crushed by the farming equipment during the slow down event. Drummer, who has been working on a mech for herself, is helped by Naomi.

Commander Kunis considers the plan too risky but, Ashford accepts the plan as a necessary attempt at seeking greater knowledge about the forces at hand. When they explode the nuclear bomb on the skiff, the Ring Station reacts with a greater output of energy. In.

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Bobbie's team on the Behemoth dock, he hears Bobbie's protest, discusses with her Holden's mental state and his potential cooperation. Concluding that Holden is unlikely to help, Ashford then takes Holden into custody and orders the marines to relinquish their armaments if they wish to.

When the Rocinante crew enters the Behemoth docks, Amos surrenders his gun to the security led by. Diogo with great reluctance, while Naomi is detained and taken to Ashford. When Naomi is presented before Ashford, she demands to see. Holden but Ashford convinces her to.

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