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Surveyor 4 - Launched July 14, 1967 - This spacecraft crashed after an otherwise flawless mission. Surveyor 5 - Launched September 3,049 images were transmitted to Earth. Surveyor 6 - Launched November 7,027 images were transmitted to Earth. Surveyor 7 - Launched January 7,091 images.

Other views are used for reference. Copernicus by Special Area: 4) Lick Observatory Images: 1946 5) Lunar Orbiter Images: 1965-67 Lunar. Orbiter Tapes Found In an Abandoned McDonald's Sept 23rd 2008. LO-1-102: Farside View of Earth: Book Scan. LO-3-84M: The Shard and the Tower LO-3-162.

10)Surveyor Spacecraft Surveyor 1 - Launched May 30,237 images were transmitted to Earth. Surveyor 1 - Wikipedia Link Surveyor I - A Preliminary Report - June 1, 1966 PDF Surveyor I - Mission report. Part II - Scientific data and results - Sep 1966 PDF.

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By Exhuberant1 LO-5-168-H2 : Movement on the Moon: The "Rolling Boulder". PIA 00094: Copernicus taken by Lunar Orbiter 5. Lunar Orbiter II - The Graded RoadwayLO-3-213-H1 6) Apollo Image Anomalies Apollo 7: AS: "Green Fireballs Leaving the Planet?" - OSSkyWatcher AS: "Green Fireballs Leaving.

We will develop this and link to their works, as well as add our take on them as well Clementine - Old Image Showing Editing Coming Soon 14) Anomalies Presented by Members of Pegasus or ATS Note: This Area is Corrently Under Developement and as.

Image Courtesy: NASA /Langley. MENU 1) Image Information ASTRONOMY REQUEST If you are visiting for the first time it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read the image data, especially for Copernicus images and Lunar Orbiter. The data is necessary to understand scale and to identify.

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While anomolous structures are likely to be found in moon photos, paranormal orbs are the most common anomolies that can appear unexpectedly in photo booth and everyday pictures. 8) Color Moon Images 9) "Secret" Spacecraft NOTE : We will be posting all the Secret Spaceships.

Crater 308 - Daedalus Crater AS: Apollo 11 - Proof of NASA Image Tampering AS: Rectangular Anomalies Crater 308 - Daedalus Crater AS: Different Angle Crater 308 - Daedalus Crater Cylinder A11pan5913-16EvM: "Peekaboo" Class Spaceship in Sky Apollo 12: ASHR : "Artifact" Reflected in Apollo.

ENDYMION CRATER : Structures and Cover ups REINER GAMMA : Magnetic Anomaly and Truly Alien PEEKABOO Class: Spaceships on the Moon Best Case NASA - PIA Series PIA 00094: Copernicus taken by Lunar Orbiter 5 NASA World Wind: NWW-001 - Clementine Data Set - Structures.

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