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It, surprisingly, entered the Social Security list of top 1000 names in 1880. It even broke into the top 500 in 1919. In 1952 it dropped completely off the charts and didn't reappear until 2005. Today, Charlie is at its highest ranking ever #154. Charlie.

Today, Josephine has been resurrected along with other vintage baby names and was last ranked #64. Josephine is the French feminine variation of the name Joseph, which means "Jehovah increases." Josephine was one of the March sisters in Loiusa May Alcott's. Little Women. She, of.

19 Blake This moniker has, in the past, been used significantly more for boys than for girls, but as of late has been creeping up the charts. Blake didn't enter the list for girls until 1990 and it stayed at the bottom of the list.

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21 Jamie Jamie is one of the most popular unisex names that parents have chosen equally for boys and girls. Jamie entered the american list for baby girls in 1890, but didn't break into the top 5It wasn't until 30 years latter that it finally.

Stars like Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell and the daughter of Julie Chen, Les Moonves and Jeremy Sisto all chose it for their daughters. Charlie's use for a girl actually passed its use for boys in 2016. For boy's it only came in at #214, however.

Sloane only began being used commonly as a girl's name in 2008 and broke into the top 500 in 2011. Sloane is continuing to rise, coming in at #188. Sloane is Irish for "raider." It used to be considered more of a boy's name, but.

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Colleen Hewett, Alice Amter, Krystle D'Souza, Kisses Delavin (b. 1999), Andja Lorein
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It was widespread in both Ireland and Scotland. It came to Rome in 966, via the Bishop of St. Andrew's host. Since then the name has taken on several different forms like Sloan, which has also broken into the top 1000 for girls, Slowen and Sloyan, but none are as popular as Sloane as.

Samantha wasn't used in the English speaking language until the 18th century. It was hugely popularized in the U.S. when the old tv show, Bewitched, aired and when Grace Kelley played Samantha Lord in. High Society. 22 Josephine I absolutely love the nickname Jo. Jo.

Email For parents who are expecting a baby girl, but don't want something too full of frills, flowers and ruffles for their her, we totally get it. Sometimes a tomboy name with a little sass is what the baby name list is missing. Parents who.

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