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Rommes boyfriend is a very lucky man for multiple reasons. He is lucky to be dating such a wonderful and beautiful model. But he is also very luck that Romme is a loyal and committed girlfriend. With all the temptation and distractions that come from.

Romee Strijd was born on July 19, 1995 in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. She is known around the world for being a beautiful and successful model. She was first approached with a modelling contract when she was out shopping with her mother in a shopping district of Amsterdam.

Romees parents were the opposite, they just wanted her to be happy as she pursued whatever she had passion for. Romee only has one sibling, a sister named Ise Strijd. Romee and Ise are as close as loving sisters can be. Romees Twitter account was.

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Her husband, Laurens would be an insane fool to ever do anything that would cause Romme to leave him and end their relationship. Continue reading about Romee Strijd.

Romme is mainly active on Instagram and Tumblr because of their focus on photography. Rommes assets are her body and looks, traits that dont translate as well on platforms like text heavy Twitter. Romme has millions of followers on Instagram which is quite impressive for.

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Romme is not shy about their future plans. She said the first step is that theyve both agreed to live with each other. Theyve also begun to have serious talks about their long term future. Romme has publicly stated in interviews that she wants to.

He cant question her commitment because of how long theyve been together. He just needs to make sure that moving in together is what pushes them towards marriage and not what pushes them away. Social media is one of Rommes main tools in maintaining and.

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