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Another thing, I told the director, Edward Killy, about casting a smaller role in the film for Bill Williams. (Barbaras future husband. ed.) Killy was sort of a stocky man, and had a cigar. He was a short man, and that cigar was about as.

So Killy said, Ill give him one scene at the beginning of the shoot and another at the end of the picture, so Bill can stay the whole time! That was so nice of him. Barbara couldnt ride a horse before coming to California. RKO.

Rock jumped 30 feet out the door. (Laughs) It turned out to be the crew, rocking the trailer as a practical joke! (Laughs) Regarding Anthony Quinn, the films co-star, Tony Quinn was a beautiful man; I saw him a few years ago, and he came.

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Thats something I will never do again! Poor Rock Hudson! He lived in a house on the side of a hill, with stilts! There was a terrible earthquake, and Rock came running out of that house and refused to ever go back in again! Later.

He sang a lot, and was full of prunes. He was a great kidder, very sweet to me! Richard Martin played Chito Rafferty in the filmRichard Martin! What a darling man! I talked to him a few years ago, we were supposed to meet, but.

After a number of pictures, including The Falcon Out West (45) with Tom Conway, she learned of a new western being made, West of the Pecos. I wanted to do it so bad, so I went to Herman Schlom, the producer, and told him, Please.

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We shot that in Tuscon and it soon got to be near Christmas. Everyone was so worried wed go over Christmas, but a big department store opened just for the cast and crew, so we could do our Christmas shopping. Then, the hotel caught on.

Then theyd have five days off, and start all over again! Asked about a story Mara Corday related in our WESTERNS WOMEN book about Barbara bringing food to the set one night, Barbara remembers vividly! Yes, I brought peanuts, sandwiches, everything! It was on Saturday.

I liked them. Jimmy Hunt, who played the little boy, was just wonderful. Regarding James Arness, Lee Marvin and other future stars I worked with, it never occurred to me theyd one day be big stars. Lee Marvin was a fine, fine actor. In The.

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