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There was no way of me escaping injury and no way out of his path. Then I saw something I am still not sure I can believe. Marty turned the wheel of the car right and it veered into the concrete wall. Marty Robbins car.

After the race, a NASCAR official was quot;d saying, What he (Marty) did out there today saved at least one life and probably kept some other drivers from being maimed. He could have killed himself moving into that wall that way. But in the split.

Richard Childress was quot;d after the race saying, There is no doubt in my mind I wouldnt be here talking to you right now if Marty Robbins hadnt risked his life to save me. Marty Robbins passed away in 1982, and the following year NASCAR.

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Charlotte, Marty Robbins, NASCAR, Richard Childress, Richard Petty, wreck.

Richard Childress and three other drivers wrecked along the front straightaway on the 2nd lap of the race. Marty Robbins turned his purple and lime green #42 Dodge onto the straightaway doing 160 mph and was shocked to find four cars completely blocking the race.

Sure, Marty works on his car, Richard Childress once told reporters. Just the other day I saw him walking around with a can of wax getting ready to shine her up. But how Marty would handle himself, barreling down on the side panel of Childresss.

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This was no lark for Marty. He was a Dodge man and competed in a total of 35 NASCAR races and logged 6 top ten finishes. You know, Robbins joked in 1975, I could win any race I entered. But as soon as I did.

The crowd fell into a hush for a full minute until finally Marty Robbins could be seen emerging from the mangled #42 Dodge. The crowd let out a roar as Marty boarded a stretcher from an ambulance and was taken to the infield care center.

The 2013 NASCAR season officially starts this Sunday in Daytona, and one of the sports most well-known car owners, a former NASCAR driver named. Richard Childress, may not be around today if it wasnt for the heroics of none other than country musics Marty Robbins.

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