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Prisoner was known as. Prisoner: Cell Block H in the United States and UK, and as. Caged Women in Canada, Kvinnof├Ąngelset in Sweden, Wiezniarki in Poland, and as Cellblok H in the Netherlands. Contents Series cast edit Elspeth Ballantyne, who played officer Meg Jackson (later.

References edit Retrieved from " p?titleList_of_Prisoner_cast_members oldid ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search "Joan Ferguson" redirects here. For the English archivist, see. Joan Sinar. List of Prisoner cast members contains actors from the Australian television series Prisoner, ordered by episode count. The serial was created by. Reg.

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Officers Joan "The Freak" Ferguson, played by. Maggie Kirkpatrick and Vera Bennett played by Fiona Spence also became prominent stars. Although the cast was dominated by an all-female cast, something that was groundbreaking at the time, male characters where represented by original character Doctor Greg.

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Julianne Moore, Natsuki Fujiwara (b. 1986), Maureen Anderman, Cara Delevingne GBR 2012-2013, Jean Colin
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1941? Chief of Staff, II Corps 04.1941 - 02.1944 Commander later: Commanding General, 71st Field Artillery Brigade (Mediterranean, Europe) Artillery Commander, VI Corps (Italy, Germany, France, Austria Army of Occupation) Member National Army and Navy YMCA Com., Maila,. Director YMCA ARC. Contributor to Field.

5 In 201415, Tennant played Cecelia Rendall on the Hallmark Channel drama, Cedar Cove. 6. Filmography edit Film edit Television edit Year Title Role Notes 2000 Dark Angel Language Student 1 Episode: " Heat " 2000 Personally Yours Hannah Stanton Television movie; also known as.

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Mariah Carey, Roos van Montfort, Jane Norman (actress), Joan McCracken, Candy O'Terry


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