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Bashar Momin is a rich money launder and Male protagonist, Faisal Qureshi plays the role of Bashar, who is involved in corruption and uses wrong means to earn money. He loves his two sisters and can do anything for them. The role of Bashar is.

Maheen Rizvi plays the role of Sahira, who is very loudmouthed and cunning. Being in the shadow of Bashar she boasts of her wealth and tries to create differences between her husband and his sister. Sundus Tariq as Tayyaba: Tayyaba is the younger sister of.

Rudaba moves in with Bashar but he treats her terribly to exact his revenge, Buland leaves for America saying he would send the divorce papers from there and so a heartbroken Tayyaba moves in with Bashar. Flashbacks reveal that when Bashar was 16 his mother.

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She gets into a car accident and falls into depression. Bashar forces Rudaba to confess to Buland that she always loved Bashar and all that happened between them was a lie. On the other hand, Adil is pushed by Saira and Bashar to take all.

Bashir Momin ( Urdu : ) is a 2012 Pakistani drama serial directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama. 1. The serial has been written by Zanjabeel Asim 2 3 and produced by Asif Raza Mir and Babar Javed under their Banner A B Entertainment. It.

17 18 Track listing edit Following is the listing.

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The music tracks receive favourable reviews and got wide critical acclaim, due to different arranging of music sections it is widely reported and enjoyed the limelight of media. Except the theme song of the serial, all the other music tracks are sung by various Artists.

Anwar Iqbal as Bakhtiyar: Father of Buland Bakhtiyar and ex father-in-law of Rudaba, who dies in a robbery. Played by legendary actor, Anwar Iqbal. Shehryar Zaidi: Father of Rudaba and ex father-in-law of Buland, who dies in a robbery along with Buland's father. Played by.

Humiliated by his wife Shagufta's betrayal Momin commits suicide. On his father's death anniversary Bashar promises to fulfill everyone's wishes. He fears Rudaba would ask him for divorce but she surprises him by wishing for a normal life with him. Bashar lifts all her punishments.

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