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A second incident and police call produces similar results and Alex is branded as completely unreliable by the police, his siblings, and his parents. Unfortunately, the four have managed to lock onto Alex as the suspect and also realize that he has possession of their.

Knauss as The Parrot (voice) Production Reception Trivia External Links IMDb.

Contents show Plot Four of the world's greatest high-tech thieves have just committed their greatest heist. They've stolen the Air Force's newest 10 million dollar computer chip and are going to sell it off to a North Korean terrorist organization for a fortune. To bypass.

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Cast Alex D. Linz as Alex Pruitt. Olek Krupa as Peter Beaupre Rya Kihlstedt as Alice Ribbons Lenny Von Dohlen as Burton Jernigan. David Thornton as Earl Unger Haviland Morris as Karen Pruitt Kevin Kilner as Jack Pruitt. Marian Seldes as Mrs. Hess Seth Smith.

Ultimately, the toy car with its precious cargo falls into the hands of her neighbor's youngest child; Alex Pruitt, a precocious 8-year old. Tracking Hess down, the quartet of thieves begin a systematic breaking in and searching the houses on the block for their payday.

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18 19 In 2002, she performed a solo show in Edinburgh, and in 2004 she pitched a comedy show to the BBC. At her read-through for BBC executives, Absolutely Fabulous writer and star Jennifer Saunders was present. 20 Television edit Before her own series was.

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