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I'm having a hard time not running my hands through it though, and feel like it's ALWAYS  tangled.  Since I used to straighten my hair about once or twice a week, I'm really missing that smooth feeling - at least once in a while. This week.

Back to the gel I went. 6 weeks: I spent most of this week dreaming of straightening my hair and being able to run my fingers through it without them getting stuck.  No joke. I actually had a dream about using my flat-iron.  That said.

But we all start with a wish, right? Before: These photos were taken just after my haircut and my last shampooing, with just some mousse scrunched in my hair.  I let it air dry.  As you can see, it's kind of wavy, a little bit.

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The handbook convinced me to give it a try - for at least 6 weeks.  I mean, look how pretty those curls are! I was wearing my hair curly most days anyhow with all the insane Alabama humidity, so why not try to make it look.

 I tried that today and I've been SO pleased with the results of that very easy-to-do technique!  Here's a look at my hair today after trying it out for the first time (click images for larger pictures Rake  Shake Method - Section your wet hair (I.

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Let hair finish air drying. About an hour later, I would turn my head upside down and shake my hair out, scrunching the curls to "release the gel cast" from the gel. So that's the method I d here's what I thought of it and.

Curly Sexy Hair Curling Creme Unisex by Sexy Hair - I use about a half-dollar size amount, and spread it all over my hair to coat it all.  I love that this is a creme, not a mousse or a gel. It keeps my curls soft and touchable all day without getting frizzy. Scrunch curls and let air dry without touching it.  When.

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