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2005: Playboy, Penthouse, photography, and career diversification Glover says appearing in Playboy magazine was an important goal for her ever since becoming a glamour model. She met publisher Hugh Hefner during a photo shoot in Los Angeles, when she was 21. He offered her a.

Glover continued to support Raleigh International after her modelling success, raising funds for the group, and traveling to Malaysia in 2004 to help build a footbridge and teach English to residents of a remote village. She climbed Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia, to.

She stated that she did not know the small and irregular earnings would make a difference to her benefits, and that she had been sometimes too depressed to leave her flat. While performing the community service in 2006, she was assaulted twice by a group.

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She spends so much time in the United States that she says she should have been born in America. Glover's favourite sports pastime is scuba diving in her travels, with a goal to scuba dive in the seven seas, and to be able to teach.

Besides modelling, Glover has attempted to expand her career into other areas, as a fall-back if she cannot make it as a model. She has maintained a web site as a professional photographer since 2004. In 2006 Glover co-launched an adult lingerie online store called.

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To celebrate her success, she was portrayed on the cover and inside a special edition of Playboy Lingerie, which she calls possibly her favourite magazine cover. Glover became the UK's Penthouse " Pet of the Month " for March 2007 after posing for a celebrity.

Emmerdale. Glover found she enjoyed being photographed, and planned to become a professional model from the age of 12. She began entering modelling contests at the age of 14, and beauty pageants, to get noticed as a model. She was a regional finalist for the.

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