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Meanwhile, Blake is distracted by a missing persons case which is looking more like a murder. Blake soon finds the answers in a place he least expects. With: Belinda McClory as Alice Harvey, Ling Cooper Tang as Mei Lin, Michala Banas as Joyce Ellis, Neil.

So when Alderton is found dead at Ballarat Observatory during a once in a century eclipse, and the police learn Blake was at the scene, and fled, the hunt for the killer turns back onto Blake himself. With: Belinda McClory as Alice Harvey, Ling Cooper.

He'll soon discover a web of intrigue, embezzlement and blackmail leading back to The Courier newspaper, and the new Editor, Edward Tyneman. With: John Wood as Patrick Tyneman, Belinda McClory as Alice Harvey, Ling Cooper Tang as Mei Lin, Mark Mitchell as Harvey Treloar, Francis.

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But when Lawson is run down, Blake finds himself facing a very different case. And Jean's absence and the appearance of an intrusive reporter only makes things more complicated. Starring: Craig McLachlan as Doctor Lucien Blake, Nadine Garner as Jean Beazley, Charlie Cousins as Senior.

Cate Wolfe exits as well this episode. Lucky Numbers /a Episode 4.03 (31) Fri, February 19, 2016 886,000 viewers (1st) Written by Paul Oliver Directed by Fiona Banks When the wife of the winner of the first ever state lottery is kidnapped and held for.

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Complicating matters for Doctor Blake is that the deceased is Agnes Clasby's beloved nephew, Alexander. What had Alexander gotten himself involved in at the track? Blake's home life is been thrown into chaos by the arrival of Mei Lin; the wife he thought had died.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries Home The Open Road /a Episode 4.01 (29) Fri, February 05, 2016 988,000 viewers (1st) Written by Stuart Page Directed by Declan Eames Blake returns home to Ballarat without Jean, to find himself thrown straight into another murder investigation; Ballarat is.

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