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Stacey Beswick Aliases Ethel Rosenblatt (former) Ozone (current) Gender Female First appearance Last appearance Stacey Beswick is a character in. GLOW. She is played by Kimmy Gatewood. Biography Edit. Stacey is half of the faux geriatric tag team called. The Beatdown Biddies alongside Dawn Rivecca.

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17 References edit a b Roof Gardens, New York Times, July 7, 1907, pg. X7. News From The Theatres, New York Times, April 25, 1884, pg. 3. Gossip Of The Theatres, New York Times, July 16, 1885, pg. 3. a b Poole's Theatre, New York.

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21 Early on in his life, Gates observed that his parents wanted him to pursue a law career. When Gates was young, his family regularly attended a church of the Congregational Christian Churches, a Protestant Reformed denomination. The family encouraged competition; one visitor reported that.

8 Other projects Edit Under their company Danger Maiden Productions, Grant and partner Rileah Vanderbilt produced the viral online series Saber. 9 In 2010, the duo began working with Milynn Sarley Michele Boyd to create the online series Team Unicorn. 10 The team's first project.

8 She holds an associate degree from Borough of Manhattan Community College, and attended but did not graduate from City College of New York and Mercy College. 9 She worked at The Fresh Air Fund 's office as a receptionist before she went on to.

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