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This article is about the CBC comedy series. For the 2012 HBO drama series, see. The Newsroom (U.S. TV series). The Newsroom is a Canadian television comedy-drama series which ran on CBC Television in the 199697, 200305 seasons. A two-hour television movie, Escape from the.

In the final episode of the first season, "The Campaign Walcott, along with other staff of the newsroom, go into politics. Walcott is running as a Liberal for the provincial government of Ontario. He is asked by a reporter from The Star whether he is.

In 2005, the season three additions to the ca.

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Karen seems to be the only one who takes journalistic integrity seriously, while the others try to find ways to boost ratings by glamourizing news stories with sensationalism. Karen is apt to point out the ignorant prejudices of most of the staff, as they, in.

He " connects the dots " of her different personality traits to arrive at this conclusion, including observations of her not being able to sustain a male-female relationship, the fact that she knows the editor of a women's magazine, and that she is aggressive, argumentative.

George Findlay (series creator Ken Finkleman the executive producer of City Hour, is a venal, petty man who cares only about his sex life, his lunch orders and his personal image within the network 's bureaucracy. Although exceptionally intelligent, he is highly self-absorbed and utterly.

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The 2004 season two cast included Matt Watts as Matt and Jody Racicot as Alex who replaced Jeremy and Mark as Findlay's "yes men" segment producers. Douglas Bell played Allen, a writer, hypochondriac and Harvard graduate who often stutters. Holly Lewis played Claire and Alberta.

Walcott's attempts to garner additional support include making appearances with his ex-wife and a disabled person, both of whom are represented by agents demanding more money per appearance. During a campaign speech, Walcott is shot and ends up in a coma with a bullet lodged.

When asked why he refused to talk to her he replies, "Talk to her? You're missing the point. The point is, this place is too cheap to get me an assistant. If I had an assistant, she could talk to my mother. But because this.

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