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And then you just have to wait and see and pray to God that you have the strength and the fortitude to get through it all. Digest: How did you tell JQ? Kassie: I told him everything serious along the way, and we were all.

My first round of chemo was seven days straight, 24 hours a day, then 12 days later your hair falls out, but during that time, there are certain side effects: You get sores in your mouth, you get constipation, diarrhea, a lack of taste. All.

Jimmy was unbelievable, and never left my side. It was just really important to have such a smart, loving man beside me the whole time, taking notes and just grabbing all the information that I was just too stressed out to hear. James DePaiva: I.

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Its a constant treatment even though youre not in the hospital for some of it, and its a journey that I cant believe that I have gone through. It feels very surreal. The first week I was in the hospital, I kept waiting for former.

It was just pretty much going into action. Kassie: It was kind of like when we found out son JQ was deaf 19 years ago. You have a moment where you kind of go, Oh, st, and then you step on that boat, and you.

The lab prior to my bone marrow biopsy pretty much said that I had acute myeloid leukemia, but we didnt know exactly what the extent was. So after my first bone marrow biopsy, she called the next day and said, Well, its not the awful.

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Susan Batten ex-Luna was there. Bob Woods ex-Bo came to see me three times. Hillary B. Smith, ex-Nora came. Robin Strasser ex-Dorian was there every other day. Rene Goldsberry ex-Evangeline, Kristen Alderson ex-Starr, Gina Tognoni Phyllis, Y R; ex-Kelly, former Co-Head Writer Lorraine Broderick, Florencia.

Kassie: Its no big deal. James: You didnt take it too well the first time you saw a picture of yourself. Kassie: Now, thats true. I went outside, it was a hot August day, and I was just basking in the sun, and I saw.

Because it took teams of doctors and teams of nurses around the clock to take care of people on that lymphoma and leukemia floor. Courtesy of Kassie DePaiva Digest: James, how did you handle it all? James: I had a couple of my crying moments.

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