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1958 Phyllis A. Whitenack West Virginia University of Central Florida grad; registered nurse; two daughters and two grandchildren; died in. Judi Humphrey Peckonis Pennsylvania Studied for a career in nursing; one son; died in Maureen Sullivan Collins Connecticut. Southern Connecticut State University grad; BS degree.

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Marygrove College grad; lives in Washoe Valley, NV with husband; two sons and one daughter 1966 Diane Wilkins Wisconsin Studied at Marymont and the University of Massachusetts; worked in import business; died in Rosemary Dunaway Trible Arkansas. University of Texas grad; works with students at.

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California Master's degree in Education/Physical Education from Stanford; High School dance instructor Dir. of International Baccalaureate Dance Certificate Program; lives in California with husband; two daughters 1970 Karen Stenwall Wiseman Arizona Studied at Texas Christian University and Kansas State; Masters in psychology; Senior VP Marketing.

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