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Sam I guess we better try to pretend we're struggling over our decision for a minute before we go back over there and tell him. Suzy Maybe he's right. It could be a mistake. Sam What? Why? How? Suzy Being married. Sometimes it seems sad.

I do go bezerk. Suzy I know what you're doing with that sad, dumb cop. Suzy I think they're going to get bigger. Copyright Fandango. All rights reserved. V3 Copyright Fandango. All rights reserved. V3.

Suzy I lost my temper at myself. Sam Were you followed? Suzy.I doubt it. Suzy Was he a good dog? Suzy Who's to know. Sam Who's to know. Suzy You can touch my chest. Suzy Was he a good dog? Sam Who's to say? Either.

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Suzy I think you've still got lightning in you. Suzy Was he a good dog? Sam Who's to say? But he didn't deserve to die. Suzy We're in love. We just want to be together. What's wrong with that? Suzy We're in love, we just.

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Suzy I don't know. I want go on adventures I think-not get stuck in one place. How about you? Sam Go on adventures too, not get stuck too. Suzy "I forgot my comb, but it's okay I'll just use my fingers." Suzy I forgot my.

Most of my favorite characters are. I think your lives are more special. Suzy Itâ? s not funny. Suzy It's not funny. Sam To me, it is. Suzy You really know how to make friends. Sam Iâ? m sorry. Sam I'm sorry. Suzy I'd be.

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