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The actors shine." 15 Philip French of The Observer wrote, Both Hawke and Delpy are excellent and their performances have real depth. This time, too, they're doing more than appearing as fictional creations in a Richard Linklater film. They now share the writing credit with.

Their paths intersect nine years later in Paris, and the film appears to take place in real time as they spend an afternoon together. Before Sunset received broad critical acclaim and has appeared on many publications' lists of the best films of the 2000s. It.

During its entire theatrical run, the film grossed 5.8 million in the United States and nearly 16 million worldwide. 2 Critical reception edit Before Sunset received wide acclaim from critics. It held a 95 favorable rating at Rotten Tomatoes based on 172 reviews, 9 and.

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4 Linklater described the process of completing the final version of the film as: We sat in a room and worked together in about a two- or three-day period, worked out a very detailed outline of the whole film in this sort of real-time environment.

Cline imitates Simone, saying, "Baby. you are gonna miss that plane." Jesse smiles and says, "I know.". Ethan Hawke as Jesse Julie Delpy as Cline Vernon Dobtcheff as Bookstore manager Louise Lemoine Torres as Journalist #1 Rodolphe Pauly as Journalist #2 Mariane Plasteig as Waitress.

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Tish Linendoll, David Lodge (1921?003), Cynthia Nixon, Adrienne Wilkinson, Assunta de Rossi (b. 1981)
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12 In comparing this film with the first featuring these characters, American film critic Roger Ebert wrote, " Before Sunrise was a remarkable celebration of the fascination of good dialogue. But Before Sunset is better, perhaps because the characters are older and wiser, perhaps because.

The movie was filmed in 15 days, on a budget of about US2 million. 3 6 The film is noted for its use of the Steadicam for tracking shots and its use of long takes ; the longest of the Steadicam takes lasts about 11.


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