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Continue reading Live from TED As told to Aunt Bonnie: Julia Sweeney wraps up TED2014. March 21, 2014 In a naked grab for the new TED/XPRIZE, Julia Sweeney has spent the last day and a half building an AI. It rolls onstage to give a.

Continue reading Live from TED In case you missed it: Day 5 of TED2014. March 22, 2014 This years packed conference came to a close on March 21, 2014: Day 5 at TED2014. Here are some highlights from this Friday: Mark Ronson ruled the dance.

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Live from TED2017 The future us: The talks of Session 11 of TED2017. April 28, 2017 In the final session of TED2017, we look ahead to the future well build together. Below, recaps of the talks from Session 11, in chronological order. A design renaissance.

(C) 1999 CARIBBEAN RECORDS / EMI LATIN. The future of live TV with 60 channels. No cable box required. Cancel anytime.

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After returning to Florida during the 1980s, she continued to work periodically in film and television while also developing and presenting training sessions on etiquette for children and business professionals. A resident of Tequesta, Florida, in 2011, she interviewed Pat Boone, Shirley MacLaine and other.

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