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I want the show to be serious and then funny. I dont want people to know exactly what each episode will bring. Who from B B are you still in touch with? Susan Flannery (ex-Stephanie) and I are very good friends. Shes great. Katherine Kelly.

She felt hurt by that. People arent smart about social media. They dont know whos seeing their posts. People have alerts and can set notifications. You cant lie anymore. The Good Trouble cast (Freeform/Gus Lo) What are you exploring on Good Trouble that you didnt.

Ronn Moss (as Ridge Forrester) and Joanna Johnson (as Caroline Spencer) in The Bold and the Beautiful in 1990 (CBS via Getty Images) Speaking of calling home, its only natural to do that when things dont work out after youve moved to a new city.

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Hayden Byerly, Jude was in episode two. Its very organic when family members visit. We want the whole family to come on as much as they can. Good Trouble, Tuesdays, 8/7c, Freeform.

Shes really talented. Shes done some wonderful shorts and has directed at B B. For B B s 20th anniversary, fans selected as their all-time favorite moment the "charm bracelet" scene in which Caroline learned Ridge (then Ronn Moss) had discovered that she was dying.

Hes soft but hes masculine. Hes sensitive. There is masculinity in bisexuality and homosexuality. It doesnt have to be one way or the other. People have this one idea of what a gay man or a gay woman should be and its just not true.

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What am I? Who are the family and friends that Im going to have? Roger Bart doesnt appear in this episode. Tell me about his character. He plays Judge Wilson, a conservative, but he doesnt see himself that way. They have an interesting dynamic. Hes.

People now arent so stringent in their definition of their sexuality. Theyre more fluid and are open to new experiences. Davia (Emma Hunt) doesnt hit it off initially with her date Paul (Joe Burke but all that takes a surprising turn when she realizes her.

I dont know that they reached a huge audience because they werent on network television. Will Grace, The Fosters any show that had a huge LGBTQ audience helped pave the way. A lot of cable shows can only reach a certain amount of people. The.

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