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Lisa Philko Account Executive Lisa has been in the contract industry for 15 years. Her facility planning and interior design background allow her to educate clients on best practices, and the latest in products and trends. Lisa connects with her clients, always getting to the.

She has a willingness beyond the norm and directs it towards everything she touches, from a simple reconfiguration to the design of a new space. She is always up for a challenge and loves working with all the different teams at AIREA because she understands.

This could be the combined outcome of her education at The University of Michigan and the seven years of Industry Experience that she brings to us. Jill has a natural understanding of how to provide a great experience which takes a special skill for one.

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In this time, he has developed a vast knowledge of furniture, installation, and warehousing that provides an extended service to all clients and projects. Hitting the road on his Harley is Jeffs form of therapy Weekend road trips are the best; just pack the bags.

With a background of over ten years of industry experience installing and then migrating to Project Manager, Kris has been trained by the best and continues to educate himself on the up and coming products. If you want detail and precision, Kris is your main.

He is big on technology and has become a strong user in Haworths Bluescape, making it an avid tool with our clients, using design in real time at the comfort of your own computer, desk, chair or couch, your choice. Andrew is here for the.

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Mary Ann Stratton Account Executive As the saying goes, "the hospital never sleeps." Mary Ann manages the Healthcare team with flawless surgical precision, always aware of the interworking of every project, and its a wonder that she ever sleeps. She may not project her voice.

Dave leverages his extensive relationships with vendors, architects, designers and industry influencers to motivate educate the AIREA Team. Driven by creating a best in class customer experience, Dave sets the bar high and drives the organization to exceed it. He is a graduate of THE.

If its a project for a Cardiologist, Mary Ann understands that the project requires heart. Michele Spencer Senior Interior Designer Michele joined our Design team in 2018, coming to us with an impressive 18 years of furniture dealer experience. Her vast years in the industry.

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