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Chimerarachne shared a common ancestor with the true spiders and resembles a member of the most primitive group of modern living spiders, the mesotheles, which are found today only in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. "It must have lived for about 200 million years side-by-side.

The creature's remote habitat and small size makes it possible that tailed descendants could still be living in Myanmar, where the fossils were found, said Dr Paul Selden of the University of Kansas. "We haven't found them, but some of these forests aren't that well-studied.

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"We've not found fossils before that showed this, and so finding this now was a huge (but really fantastic) surprise." Image copyright Bo Wang Image caption The tiny arachnid resembles a spider in having fangs and silk-producing spinnerets at its rear. Four specimens of the.

Image copyright Bo Wang Image caption The arachnid - resembling a spider with a tail - lived about 100 million years ago. An "extraordinary" spider "cousin" trapped in amber for 100 million years is shaking up ideas about the origins of spiders. The ancient creature.

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Dracula ticks tell blood-sucking tale This find dates back to the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs like. T. rex walked the Earth. The arachnid has an unusual mixture of ancient and modern features. Scientists have named it Chimerarachne yingi, after the Greek mythological Chimera, a hybrid.

Spiders are one of the success stories of the natural world, with more than 47,000 living species. Over hundreds of millions of years they have evolved several unique features, including spinnerets and venom for immobilising prey. The research is published in Nature Ecology Evolution as.

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