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Chlo Sevigny, with dewy skin and a bone structure that supports home-cut bangs, carrying an elegant contradiction in her posture, sitting in a pretty slouch when she's riveted, standing statuesque when she's a little bored at a celebrity-laden party. But of course, her audience looks.

She starred in Selfridges Agender campaign filmsoundtracked by. Dev Hynes and choreographed by Sia collaborator Ryan Heffington which the London-based retailer used to launch a gender-neutral pop-up department this spring. Two months ago, she caught the eye of. Transparent creator Jill Soloway, who took Nef.

Its an invitation for visibility shes happily accepted since the announcement of her signing with IMGshes the first transgender model on the agencys U.S. roster, which includes. Gisele Bündchen and Gigi Hadid two weeks ago, only days after she graduated from Columbia. Almost immediately after.

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SpongeBob SquarePants narrator narrate my life! The right to self-define, to choose your own narration, and then to change your mind is what Nef hopes her life will inspire. Its not enough to be cute in a magazine, she says. You have to talk. Hair: Blake Burkholder; Makeup: Akiko Owada. Shot on location at The Standard, East Village.

She grew up obsessed with fashion, crouching in the international fashion magazine section in a Borders in Newton, Massachusetts, but never imagined that one day shed be put on blast as a female model with a major agency. While studying theater at Columbia, she interned.

We imagine what kind of froyo Caitlyn Jenner would get: probably peach. I was going to say peach! Nef laughs. Maybe with coconut flakes? Strawberries? Sprinkles? Speculating on Jenners palate is, of course, as arbitrary as speculating on her identity. Nef hopes that, by being.

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But for me, there are no answers. Its just a matter of preference and choice and fetish. At the end of the shoot, Nef floats out of the room in a derson cloud of tiered tulle (the model's own). Standing in the elevator, she begins.

Tumblr users send her messages, like this one from a young transgender woman from Iraq who is stealthgender-conformingat her high school: Its so lonely being the only person in my town who is trans. I am so thankful that I follow you and other girls.

When she looked in the mirror, her first thought was, I could be married in a year if I looked like this every day, she says. But it just looked like a different person. It didnt look like me.". What looks like Hari to her.

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