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Gallery "Yoo-hoo! Mr. EarlyBird! How about a nice tasty worm on a stick?" Heimlich screaming comically as the bird comes closer. Heimlich metamorphosized into a caterpillar with teeny tiny butterfly wings. Add a photo to this gallery. Navigation Heroes Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and.

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P.T. Flea 's circus troupe. He is gluttonous and frivolous throughout, and contemptuous of anyone he considers less intelligent than himself. At one point, he remarks that he dreams of being a beautiful butterfly. At the end of the film, he sprouts a pair of.

Do-Gooder Full Name Heimlich Alias No information Origin. A Bug's Life Occupation Circus Bug Powers/Skills eating Hobby. No information Goals to become a beautiful butterfly Family. No information Friends/Allies No information Enemies No information. Type of Hero big eater, One day, I will be a.

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Contents show Personality Heimlich is shown to have a gluttonous appetite and is seen eating almost all the time, especially while helping the ants construct a model bird to scare Hopperand his gang. Although brave, he still shows fear when a real bird nearly eats him. Also, when.

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At the end of the film, he pops from his chrysalis, squeezes out (having only turned blue and sprouts a pair of tiny wings, finally a butterfly, but still remains flightless (due to his obesity and apparently didn't stay in the cacoon long enough and.


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