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Mr. Rock. She also doesn't like the music teacher, Mr. Rock, as he likes to have fun, of which Ms. Adolf hates. Nicolas McKelty Ms. Adolf likes Nick McKelty because he is well behaved. She does not give Nick McKelty a detention and she gives him As or Bs on his school report.

Fanny Adolf wanted to take over. Westbrook Academy to turn it into a prison-style school, where students are carefully supervised, where underachieving students are punished until they get better at the subject, which failed. She is also a fencing competitor, in which she keeps her.

Ms. Adolf Name Fanny Adolf Age Late 50's. Seasons 3 No. Episodes 38 (39 Including Hank Zipzer's Christmas Catastrophe) Portrayed by Felicity Montagu Ms. Fanny Adolf is a teacher who appears in both the book and television series. She is Hank's teacher who despises even.

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She has brown eyes and has her hair tied back into a bun on the back of her head. In the Books she has glasses and grey hair, but in the television series she has dark brown hair. Personality She is a very strict woman.

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