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American educator and author Estelle Asmodelle, Australian transsexual model, dancer and actress Estelle Axton ( American record executive Estelle Bajou, American actor, composer, musician, producer, and writer Estelle Balet, Swiss champion snowboarder Estelle Baskerville (born 1946 American athlete Estelle Basor, American mathematician Estelle Beauchamp, Canadian.

4 Best-known overall in France due to model. Estelle Lefbure (born 1966 5 6 the name Estelle has proven substantially more popular in Belgium than France. 1 Estelle came into vogue in the British Isles in the mid-19th century likely as a variant of the.

1 Estelle has overall been more popular in the United States than in the British Isles, with there being at least two prominent American namesakes: writer Estelle Anna Lewis (18241880) 14 and society woman Estelle Skidmore Doremus (18301905 15 who significantly predate the name's mid-19th.

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Estelle is a female given name of Latin origin, and means star. 1 Saint Estelle was a martyr who purportedly lived in Aquitania in the third century AD, although the earliest references to her date from the Middle Ages. The earliest formats of this Saint's.

Göttingen de: V R Unipress. doi : 10.14220/.21. ISBN. Braun, Heather L. (2012). The Rise and Fall of the Femme Fatale in British Literature,. Lanham MD: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. p. 70. ISBN. Meckier, Jerome (December 2009). "Great expectations, "a good name?". Dickens Quarterly. Baltimore MD.

H. Merrill (18581908 American journalist, editor Estelle Nze Minko (born 1991 French handball player Estelle Morris Baroness Morris of Yardley, British politician Estelle Mossely (born 1992 French boxer Estelle Massey Osborne ( African American nurse and educator Estelle Nathan, British painter Estelle Nollet (born 1977.

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French ). Saint Estelle is the patron saint of the Felibrige, a literary and cultural association founded by Mistral and other Provençal writers to defend and promote their language. Star is the meaning generally assigned the name Estelle, although the format Eustalia suggests the name's.

The choice of a French name with only a peripheral profile in Sweden - a 2012 year-end tally would estimate that a total of 663 Swedish residents bore the given name Estelle 22 - touched off a flurry of media debate with writer Herman Lindqvist.

M. Retrieved bine Bring-Gould. The Lives of the Saints Roberts, Margaret (1881). France. London: Gilbert Rivington. p. 176. "Berlioz in Meylan". The Hector Berlioz Website. Retrieved "Le prnom Estelle". m. Retrieved "The Ins and Outs of French First Names". m. Retrieved lexander, Michael (2013). A History.

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