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Your senior thesis project may involve self-producing a one-act play or performing as an acting intern in a local professional theater. Musical Theater. Musical Theater students take the core acting-based skills classes in the Foundations years, supplemented with classes in singing, dance, and musical theater.

In addition to intensive practice in writing and directing, you study the work of important generative artists, playwrights, and directors. Your senior thesis project will be a generative piece, either written by you or created by an ensemble under your creative supervision which reflects your aesthetic vision.

Original Works Original Works is designed for artists whose goals include directing, playwriting, generating original performance pieces, or being part of a generative ensemble or the artistic staff of a theater. After successful completion of an audition at the start of the junior year, you.

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Following a successful audition for continuance in the program at the end of the sophomore year, you participate in classes in theater dance styles, musical theater performance and audition techniques. You perform in productions of both original and established musical theater works, including a cabaret.

You will learn the technical skills necessary to bring heightened and poetic language to life on stage, while imbuing your character portrayals with a sense of dramatic truth. Acting students also have the opportunity to do on-camera projects. In the senior year, you delve deeper.

You will also study the basics of theater production and work backstage in the Cornish Theater season in a variety of capacities. As the program progresses and you develop a greater sense of your own mission as a theater artist, you will move into more.

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FOUNDATIONS The first two years of the program contain your foundational courses. Each year you will have a series of core classes covering Acting, Improvisation Collaboration, Literature of Theater, Text Analysis, Theater History, Voice Speech, and Physical Technique (which may include aerobics, tumbling, Suzuki training.

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