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Her sales are well-organized all items are clean clearly labeled. Anne is also careful to treat everyone equally - something that is becoming increasingly rare in the Austin estate sale scene. Running a successful estate sale is a difficult job Anne meets the challenge is.

I highly recommend her sales because you just never know what you'll find. Valerie K., customer since January 10, 2010 who left 5-star feedback on Google October 22, 2018 275) Great prices, very organized high quality sales. Jennifer Esteves, customer who left 5-star feedback on.

Nancy C., customer since July 2, 2013 who left feedback on Square. Kentucky Derby, Davenport Ranch, Austin. February 8, 2019 283) Thank you for your expertise diligence with our Estate Sale. Bruce T., client's attorney. Brushy Glen, Woodcliff, Austin January 10, 2019 282) It was.

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She has a lot of cool sales because she's been in business a long time has great customer service. I've always found her her staff to be friendly helpful. Her prices are reasonable discounted each day of the sale. If you see something you'd love.

Reagan O., customer since March 9, 2012 who left 5-star feedback on Google October 19, 2018 271) I have enjoyed your sales for many years.! Don't stop! Sandra K., customer since November 20, 2009 October 19, 2018 270) Anne her team were outstanding. She is.

Over the three day period of a sale, she serves hundreds of customers, both long-time customers new customers. It can get chaotic at times with so many people needing assistance seemingly all at one time! In our experience we have been amazed impressed at how.

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We always enjoy knowing the history of the estate which you, uniquely, often post. We especially enjoyed your new colleague at this sale. Becki was friendly, fun, helpful nice. She enriched our experience was very accommodating about stepping in to assist with checkout when the.

You have done an absolutely fabulous job! I am just amazed how you took a jumbled hodgepodge of things in record time turned them into a wonderfully organized very interesting Estate Sale! We will be forever grateful to you Anne all the crew for accommodating.

After all - the Premier Estate Sale company, Anne Dee ESTATE SALES, is in charge! Kathy Mike H., customers since October 26, 2010 clients Stone Ledge, Scenic Brook West, Austin November 1, 2018 278) I love Anne's sales. Prices are reasonable, items are unique she's.


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