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As a result of these efforts in part, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has become a major commercial success with the series becoming the highest-rated original production in Hub Network's broadcast history. Contents History edit Origin (20102011) edit One of the first critical reviews.

The appreciation of the show by an older audience came as a surprise to Hasbro, Faust and others involved with its development, but they have embraced the older fans while staying focused on the show's intended audience. Such reciprocity has included participation in fan conventions.

19 Dr. Patrick Edwards, who performed several "Brony Studies" to survey and analyze the fandom, observed that the brony fandom is unlike most other fandoms which "aren't welcoming to people who are different and promote the show's message of love and tolerance. 20 Further interest.

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Though the show had been discussed on 4chan 's 'comics and cartoon' board co before the essay's publication, the alarmist nature of the essay led to more interest in the show, resulting in a positive response for the series for its plot, characters, and animation.

6 7 Christopher Poole, the founder of 4chan, briefly acknowledged the popularity of the show on the site at the 2011 South by Southwest festival. 6 9 Poole has since created a dedicated board for discussion of the show and its fandom. Though the discussion.

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Further, using the Jungian personality test, the survey revealed that the largest fraction of respondents (approximately 27) fell into the " INTJ " classification, which normally only occurs in 13 of the population, according to the surveyors. 34 33 Many in the fandom who had.

24 Decline (2016present) edit As with most fandoms, the popularity of Friendship Is Magic significantly waned in the years with events in 2018 showing apparent decline in its popularity. Unconfirmed leaks of information from Hasbro stated that the show's ninth season, which is scheduled to.

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