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Ms. Bloom, approached by a reporter for an interview the other day, said: 'I am just desolate. I cannot talk to you.'. Mr. Roth isn't talking either. The writer, who changes his phone number frequently and is famously reclusive, could not be reached and did.

Ms. Bloom ends the memoir on a poignant note, describing one of her last meetings with her former husband in a restaurant in New York where they joked and laughed. Waxing lyrical, she muses about Mr. Roth's inviting her back to 'our beautiful 18th-century farmhouse.

In the book, Ms. Bloom describes Mr. Roth, who achieved early fame for 'Portnoy's Complaint' and won the National Book Award last year for 'Sabbath's Theater as a man filled with 'a deep and irrepressible rage' toward women. Ms. Bloom says Mr. Roth forced her.

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Later, when Mr. Roth wrote 'Deception he named the character of the deceived wife 'Claire Ms. Bloom writes, changing it only after she begged him to do so. Still, as if teasing his readers, Mr. Roth reserved the name of 'Philip' for the book's narrator.

Friends warned Ms. Bloom not to get involved with Mr. Roth. ' 'This is a mistake I said when she started Mr. Vidal recalled. ' 'Do not involve yourself with Portnoy.' '. Against all advice, Ms. Bloom writes, she began living with Mr. Roth in.

The agreement, she said, stipulated that Mr. Roth could terminate their marriage with no further responsibility to her and that their apartment and other possessions would revert to him. The memoir begins with an account of Ms. Bloom's early life in London as the daughter.

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Ms. Bloom eventually married the actor Rod Steiger, and they had a daughter, Anna. A second marriage followed, to the producer Hillard Elkins. Ms. Bloom was 47 when she began her romance with Mr. Roth. In the memoir, the opening scene of their relationship reads.

Ms. Bloom contends that she nursed Mr. Roth through his period of highest literary attainment in the late 1970's and mid-80's, when he wrote such works as his trilogy, 'Zuckerman Bound and 'The Counterlife in which he named two characters 'Philip.' But when she and.

But soon there were signs of trouble. Mr. Roth was suspicious and mistrustful, she said, and pressed her to send her daughter elsewhere. In the memoir, Ms. Bloom expresses guilt for having done so. But the real problems began when Mr. Roth had a knee.

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