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Home Latest Gallery Special Videos Feedback Links. Forum Offer Welcome to my Emmerdale website devoted to images of the soap babes. Emmerdale UK soap is a show on British TV screens set in a fictional part of the Yorkshire. Dales called Beckindale. On this site.

86 images from The British Soap Awards 2006. Jenna Coleman Charley Webb on Holly Stephen's Saturday Showdown. 412 more images from Soapstar Superstar. 209 images of Lucy Pargeter, Roxanne Pallett Sammi Winward on Soapstar Superstar. 55 images from the cast appearing on Children In Need.

39 images of the Emmerdale girls at The British Soap Awards 2011. 40 images of the Emmerdale girls at The British Soap Awards 2010. 63 images of the Emmerdale girls at The British Soap Awards 2008. 70 images of the Emmerdale girls at The British.

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2 vids of the Emmerdale babes dressed as sexy Santa's. Natalie Anderson in a sexy black dress. Suzanne Shaw dressed as a sexy cat for Nicola's hens night. Nicola Wheeler seducing David and showing her bra and stockings. 3 new videos including: Sally Oliver and.

Special Galleries The special gallery section will focus on images of the girls from Emmerdale seen in a group, such as at award ceremonies. Videos A section for videos of all your fav Emmerdale Farm Babes. 32 images of the Emmerdale girls at The British.

The village feeds on gossip and it's inhabitants like nothing more than discussing the latest scandal and goings on. Girls currently featured on this site include: Abigail Fisher, Adele Silva, Alice Coulthard, Alicya Eyo, Amanda Donohoe, Amelia Curtis, Amelia Sefton, Amy Nuttall, Amy Walsh, Anna.

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Isobella Jade, Winifred Westover, Deborah Foreman, Dimples Romana (b. 1984), Mahima Silwal
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Web m Latest Pics from the current series being aired at the moment. Gallery Complete collection of images of all your favourite stars. Over 35,000 images online. There are 59 new images with this update from the last week of Emmerdale including: Alicya Eyo, Charley.

Jenna Coleman in a tight red top. Jenna Coleman Charley Webb on Holly Stephen's Saturday Showdown.

Kelsey-Beth Crossley in a short black dress. Isabel Hodgins in a denim miniskirt. Sammy Winward in some tight jodhpurs. Fiona Wade in some very tight grey shorts. Isabel Hodgins and Chelsea Halfpenny dressed up for a night out - HD. Natalie Anderson's cleavage. Sapphire Elia.

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