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Gertrude's son was also named Dietrich, but his name turns up in various other languages, as Thierry (French Dirk or Didrik (Dutch or Flemish and even Terry (English). Curiously, it is ultimately a cognate of Thiudareiks or "King of the People" in Gothic. This is.

The traditional story is that it was seized from the Muslims while Philip was on the Second Crusade in 1177. However, a seal of Philip exists from 1162, antedating the Crusade, showing the lion already. It may have been adopted from William of Ypres, who.

Thierry/Dietrich/ Dirk/Didrik of Alsace brother of Simon I, Duke of Upper Lorraine Philip I of Alsace On Crusade, ; dies on Third Crusade, 1191 Baldwin V of Hainault Baldwin IX Emperor of Romania Henry, Emperor of Romania Yolanda, Empress of Romania Fernand of Portugal Thomas.

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At first a "march county" (Margravate Flanders soon reverted to a simple county. Baldwin I, Iron Arm 862-879 married Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald Baldwin II 879-918 Arnulf I the Elder 918-958 962-965. Baldwin III 958-962 Arnulf II the Younger 965-988 Baldwin IV the.

The feudal division of Romania and successes by the Bulgarians and Greeks of Nicaea and Epirus soon reduced their position to impotence, and neither started a line in Constantinople. However, the throne fell to their sister Yolanda, who had married a grandson of Louis VI.

The former event is the Matins of Bruges, while the latter was the Battle of the Golden Spurs - after the trophies stripped from the dead French knights. As with the Swiss, these events demonstrated the power of a disciplined citizen army against feudal cavalry.

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Margraves and Counts of Flanders, AD. Flanders (Vlaanderen in Flemish, Flandre in French) is historically significant for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason, in the long run, was that it became the site of the first major development of commercial culture in.

Baldwin's grandson Arnulf III seems to have been murdered by his uncle, Robert I; but then the main line of succession from Robert I dies out, and the County passes to Charles the Good, grandson of Robert through his daughter Adele, who had married Canute.

Today, most of historical Flanders, except for Picardy, is part of. Belgium, the successor of the Spanish and Austrian Netherlands. The County of Flanders begins with a bit of romance. Judith, daughter of the Emperor. Charles the Bald, was married off twice to English Kings;.

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Carlotta Monti, Quinn Cummings, Rekha Thapa, Nirma, Lena Headey (born 1973 (born in Hamilton, Bermuda)


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