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  Because no matter how fast technology advances or how frequently people change the way they shop, one thing remains the same: women are the shoppers of this world, and understanding why she buys is the best insurance policy there is. For more information on strategies for marketing to women and selling to women, find me at m or check out my book, Why She Buys. Follow me at m/bridgetbrennan).

 I sometimes think entire industries would collapse overnight if women stopped being so thoughtful.  Consider the impact to the greeting card industry alone. What does this mean to you? If youre in a consumer business, it means that women are multiple markets in one.  They.

Study Gender as You Would a Foreign Market. Women and men grow up within a culture of their own gender, each with its own codes of conduct, speaking styles and expectations for personal interaction.  Studying the impact of gender on purchasing preferences is still uncommon.

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Women buy on behalf of everyone in their lives (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife) When I tell people that my job is studying womens shopping patterns, you cant imagine the jokes I hear.  Most of them revolve around the stereotype that women have an.

The list is long: in addition to buying for themselves, women buy on behalf of husbands, partners, kids, colleagues, adult children, friends, relatives, elderly parents, in-laws, their businesses and even their kids friends, to name just a few.  If somebody, somewhere needs a gift, chances.

 Wherever you are on the journey of optimizing sales and marketing for women consumers, keep these three strategies in mind: Address Her Invisible Others Women constantly evaluate how their purchases might impact the people they care about most.  Its important to address these absent influencers.

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Thats when the jokes stop and the conversation gets a lot more interesting. After all, understanding why women buy is the first step to gaining their business. The real reason is sobering.  In virtually every society in the world, women have primary care-giving responsibilities for.

Ensure that your marketing makes an emotional connection with the women youre targeting, because a purely functional sell can fall flat.  Having a gender-balanced marketing team will help you better identify the communication nuances that will make women think, these people understand my life. Make.

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