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Going through such a huge physical change, youre questioning what your future looks like physically as well as what youre going to be able to accomplish, whether its getting a job or becoming a better athlete. But more importantly, you question how the world sees.

Today (January 31 Aerie announced that U.S. Paralympic snowboarder Brenna Huckaby has joined its newest class of Role Models (a.k.a. brand ambassadors) alongside Busy Philipps, Samira Wiley, and Jameela Jamil, in its latest campaign. Huckaby 's appearance is a major milestone for the brand: She.

Aerie 's ad campaigns are about more than just selling underwear. Since unveiling its commitment to unretouched photographs in 2014, the brand has used imagery with size- and, eventually, ability-inclusive models to share that every body belongs in its lingerie and swimwear (and none need.

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In the past Ive bought clothing at the store because it makes me feel good therebut then I go home and I dont wear it because I dont feel like I should, she says. I dont feel like I'm sexy enough or beautiful enough to.

Huckaby has been hard at work revising the narrative around ability and representation long before now. Last year she walked on the. Sports Illustrated Swimwear runway at Miami Swim week. The response was overwhelming, she saysespecially from able-bodied viewers. People kept reaching out to me who didnt have disabilities to say, Seeing this changes my perception.

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I wanted to be a part of the campaign because my sport, snowboarding, is so small, she says. Add an amputation, and it gets smaller; then add modeling with a visible disability, and its even smaller than ever. The opportunity to bring that to the.

Ali Mitton While Huckaby, 23, has been candid about her experiences as a Paralympic athlete on social media, she tells. Glamour that she didn't expect her career to bring modeling opportunities like the Aerie campaign with it. When I started snowboarding, it was just snowboarding.


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