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That was my first mistake. In the old downtown City Auditorium, the wrestlers always entered through the back door. I walked into the Auditorium wearing a black mask that sported a small, red star in the center of the forehead. In my best Russian accent.

Never seen this many people in one place in my entire life." There were more than 20,000 people there that night, and if the Fire Marshal had let them pack more in, there would have been a lot more. To me, it looked like there were.

I talked to myself all the way up to Atlanta, trying to come up with some semblance of a Russian accent. My grandparents came to the United States from Russia, but I couldnt speak a word of Russian. I didnt know anything about the City.

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Joe takes readers on a journey as he tells about life both in and out of the wrestling ringbeing attacked, stabbed, and shot at by angry wrestling fans; wrestling under a mask and trying to keep his identity a secret; legitimate fights and confrontations behind.

Of course, those country boys taking tickets were like, "Guddam! Hooz this dum bastard here?" When I walked into the dressing room, I learned that the Atlanta office had changed the name they wanted me to use. Instead of the Iron Russian, they were going.

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The door shut behind him, we could hear Rick Rude cussing and calling Flair everything but a human being. "Dont just sit there with your head down, you gutless mother fuer! Get up out of that chair and do something about it, you yellow son-of-a-bitch!". The.

Set up the ring, worked out in it for a couple of hours, then went to the dressing room and took a shower. An old carny named Bob Craddock, who ran most of the spot shows for Gust, was promoting the show that night. Craddock always talked.

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