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BERLINDA TOLBERT : There are more roles and a greater variety of choices. This wonderful blend of cultures and terrific non-traditional casting wasnt done back then. Theres also more of a willingness to explore African-American experiences. Thats whats exciting to me. There is much more.

I dont have any anticipation for anything. My focus at the moment is the medical needs and physical concerns of my parents and now, more recently, my mother. While I have been in some discussions about a project over the past three months, Im not.

It was that experience that really taught me what I know about television. From the producers to the writers to the crew to the actors I worked with exciting, creative people. It colored my impressions of the industry in an extremely positive way. JET: Why is.

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But he didnt forget; he remembered my name. He spoke to me about the day and night we shot my scenes. Two weeks after that meeting, he reached out to me and said he was working on another movie and wanted me to play Sam.

And this respect from others is something I never expected would happen. I have come to realize that others are making decisions such as these as well. I love my work and always will and, surprisingly, I also have no regrets. I have only one.

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The Jeffersons. Recently, my father became ill and was hospitalized. He did not recover and passed away. My mother is now in her mid-80s and requires medical and physical attention. I make sure all her needs are met. JET: Has taking a personal hiatus been tough for.

In 1975, a 22-year-old Hollywood newbie named. Berlinda Tolbert joined the cast of the groundbreaking sitcom. The Jeffersons to play Jenny Willis. She was most recently seen in the 2011 indie flick. Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific. Today, she remembers her sitcom days fondly.

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