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Works as a nurse in a hospital near her family lives? meets prominent businessman Alban Cavalade in Paris 50 marries Cavalade and frequents the gambling spots on the Riviera has a highly active social life, which revolves around automobile and fashion shows in Cannes, Deauville.

August 62 attempts suicide in Monte Carlo Kilgallen reports Bella frolicking in the Riviera waters. "She's given up drinking and gambling, she says, feels lucky to be alive, and blames her overdose of sleeping pills on a 'moment of craziness.? meets Radhams Trujillo, Ramfis' younger.

When Susan tells her mother that Bella is the reason for the behaviour, Virginia throws her out of the house. May 54 Fox "doesn't expect her to return from Europe for more movies. She was ho-hum about the whole dreary business of movie acting during.

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Simone's lawyers and her producer-boss, Al Petker, will seek to prove that Bella came to Hollywood without a labor permit but was allowed to emote anyhow, and Simone wasn't given the same right. she and Brad Dexter, the ex of Peggy Lee, are seen together.

"One of her gallic suitors flung insults." March 55 is in hot water with the U.S. Department of Immigration. "She hopped from Paris to New York for the premiere of The Racers without Uncle Sam's green light." October 55 is seen at Sardi's with the.

She's seen with a Hollywood producer at the Cannes Casino. her most attentive pursuitor is French industrialist / director-producer Bernard Borderie November 57 she and Juliette Greco, Zanuck's past and present, have a hair-pulling match in a Paris restaurant February 58 is with Jerry Haskell.

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Zanuck. "Her hand is weighted by a 30-carat diamond ring. (Bella even wears little diamond bracelets around the heels of her evening slippers. January 57 has a new admirer in Milan, Italy: the very wealthy Renato Grassi Early May 57 her big whirl in Cannes.

Desire opposite James Mason as Napoleon August 53 signs a contract with Zanuck, who shortens her name to Bella Darvi - the DAR is for Darryl, the VI for his wife, Virginia? the press heralds her as the French doll with the impact of TNT.

September 58 Winchell reports that she discovered John Ireland 15 February 59 suffers injuries in an auto crash and is taken to a Paris nursing home to recover May 59 is reported spotting Darryl F. Zanuck and Juliette Greco coming through a hotel lobby together.

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