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2 3 The letter R is sometimes referred to as the littera canina (canine letter). This phrase has Latin origins: the Latin R was trilled to sound like a growling dog. A good example of a trilling R is the Spanish word for dog, perro.

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3 His viability as an action star was further enhanced with the box-office success of Ang Leon, Ang Tigre at ang Alamid (1979). 3 Beginning with.Baby Ama, a biopic of a well-known Filipino criminal, Fernandez specialized in portraying true-to-life characters. One of his notable action.

Arthur Allan Thomas (born ) is a New Zealand man who was granted a Royal Pardon and compensation after being wrongfully convicted of the murders of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe in June 1970. Thomas was married and farming a property in the Pukekawa district, south of Auckland before the case. Following the revelation that the crucial evidence against him had been faked.

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Barbara Thorn (born 1954) is an actress based in Britain. She is known for playing the role of Inspector Christine Frazer in 64 episodes of the long running ITV drama The Bill and Rita Coop Cooper in the BBC legal drama series Judge John Deed. In 1984 she featured in one episode of Love and Marriage and the BBC series The Tripods. In 1987 she played Sheila Doel in 84 Charing Cross Road.

Finally, Travis kidnaps Dexter's son to use as a sacrifice in his final tableau, thinking that "the Beast" is dead. Dexter rescues Harrison and knocks Travis unconscious. He takes Travis back to the church where Travis carried out his earlier murders, which Dexter has set.

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