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From the Chambers USA guide The firm is deeply committed to representing clients on cutting edge immigration issues, often times on a pro bono basis. We were among the first to win gender-based asylum claims on behalf of women who were unable to seek protection from.

Unlike many other firms that tend to specialize in one aspect of immigration law, the firm is unique insofar that it has developed equal expertise in representing large corporations regarding their immigration needs as well as representing individuals in business and family immigration, citizenship, removal or asylum.

Firm has also assisted such organizations in obtaining visas for artists or their professional employees on a pro bono basis. The firms present and past attorneys have also been involved in leadership capacities with respect to finding ways to meet the unmet legal needs of the immigrant population. The.

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For example, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled favorably in a cancellation of removal case, Pareja v. Atty Gen., 615 F.3d 180 (3d Cir. 2010).  We have also had success in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on asylum cases, as in Karijomenggolo v.

The 2017 guide has also quot;d sources (mainly from clients) stating: They were exceptional, they got us the visa in advance of the timeline. They were very responsive and handled pretty much everything with very little impact on me or my schedule. Their knowledge of.

Immigration Court.  The firms attorneys have also travelled to remote immigration detention facilities and provided pro bono representation to detained immigrants and asylum seekers in their immigration proceedings.  The firm has also housed two AILA New York Pro Bono Fellows. The firm, through Mr. Mehta, is.

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Its affiliate entity, ABIL Global, adds another 14 lawyers. ABIL now has over 150 attorneys (400 total staff) devoted to business immigration in 37 major cities throughout the world, providing the most comprehensive, personalized coverage available.

The firms well trained and dedicated staff, who speak several languages, will make every effort to provide the most optimum, ethical and creative solutions to meet each clients objective. The firm has also often succeeded where other lawyers have failed. Chambers USA 2017 has stated that the.

In this regard, we continue to inform the public about contemporary issues of national importance, as well as advocate about the positive impact of immigrants in the United States. The firms attorneys are regularly invited to speak at legal seminars and conduct workshops for bar.

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