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Anamelia arrogant and the 31-year-old received 4 nos from the judges. Anamelia Speaks Swedish and Portuguese The brunette beauty was born in Brazil. When she was 5 years old. Anamelia and her mother moved to Sweden. Now she lives in London and works as a spiritual advisor.

She said: God did a good job with me. Anamelia rates herself 10/10 Theres no denying that a quick glimpse at. Anamelia s Instagram, @iloveanamelia, will provide you with a whole lot of self-love posts. It seems the Brazilian beauty is pretty confident in herself.

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Big Brother 2018 is here and so are 14 new housemates! Among the new hopefuls, we have an Irish farmer, a graphic designer, a semi-pro footballer and even a spiritual advisor. She was the second contestant to enter the Big Brother house here are 5 things you.

For spiritual reasons she also once shaved off all her hair and for 3 months lived in a rainforest. This girl is dedicated, we know that much! Anamelia is certainly going to be one to watch in the Big Brother house confident is an understatement.

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