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Their roadie, Hughie, turns up during their first rehearsal to resume his original role. Ray insists on playing guitar but is convinced to concentrate on singing. They find a replacement for Brian in young Luke Shand, a talented guitarist who remains blissfully unaware of the.

It was nominated for two Golden Globes in 1999. Contents The band Strange Fruit performs at the 1977. Wisbech Rock Festival. Hughie Case tells how, due to the pursuit of "fame, fortune and fornication" and the drug overdose of their original singer, Keith Lovell this.

Les and Ray make up, and Ray says he "received a positive message" from Brian's ghost. The bus breaks down, and Karen confronts the band about their lack of confidence. When the band meet a girl wearing a Strange Fruit tour T-shirt that belonged to.

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The band starts their set with the same song with which they opened up the last Wisbech Festival. Though Ray's confidence is shaken, Tony saves him by playing "The Flame Still Burns". Brian is pleased to hear the band playing the song, which helps him.

However, after watching a previously-taped drunken TV interview in which Les and Beano imply that the band was much better with Keith and Brian, Ray breaks down again and quits. As the band members return to their former lives, Karen and Claire visit Keith's grave.

Still Crazy is a 1998 British comedy film directed by. Brian Gibson. The plot concerns a fictional 1970s rock band named "Strange Fruit who, after being split up for two decades, are persuaded to get back together to perform at a reunion of the same.

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Tony quickly tracks down Karen Knowles, the band's original runaround-girl. Initially reluctant, she is inspired to return to the band after finding memorabilia. She insists on being the band's manager, and Tony agrees. Gradually, Karen and Tony track down the original members: bassist Les Wickes.

Inland Revenue ; and lead singer Ray Simms, who, after years of drug and alcohol abuse, is now completely sober. Though he claims to be working on a solo album, Simms has not released anything in almost ten years. The band meets up at the.

Tony makes advances on Karen, but she resists due to her attachment to Brian. At one of their gigs, Ray's over-the-top ideas backfire, and Les and Ray walk off the stage. Following a confrontation with Les, Ray has a nervous breakdown, exacerbated by turning 50.

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