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It became an alternative, attractive, and safe area for business to operate, and is now considered the financial centre of South Africa, and therefore, one of the major financial centres of Africa. Less than a kilometer away, across the M1 highway, sits the former township.

Its almost treeless, contrasting sharply with the leafy parks and avenues of Sandton. The streets are laid out in a perfect grid, but within those grids, shacks fill every gap, every contour. Huge hostel complexes, once proposed to house all of. Alexandra s inhabitants, now.

The impression of order, even precision, in an urban structure which encompasses, in part, disorder. The City of Johannesburg is actively trying to redress the spatial separation caused by apartheid urban planning. One of those projects is the Corridors of Freedom project (.za ).

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The story of Alexandra and Sandton is a story of the most stark divide of wealth in South Africa. Sandton, as all South Africans know, is a name synonymous with wealth, opulence, finance, and white flight. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is located here, as is.

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1 2 Contents Etymology and history edit Gwái ( ) means "ghost and lóu ( ) means "man". The term gwáilóu therefore literally means "ghostly man 3 and is sometimes translated into English as "foreign devil". 4 In Chinese, "ghost" can be a derogatory term.

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