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I administered baptism to one adult, and, to the praise of God be it said, two professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I found in all that boundary only about one hundred and fifty-seven professors of religion who considered themselves attached to us, and.

The writer has heard him say more than once in the pulpit, in describing the struggles of his mind in his approaching the crisis of his spiritual experience, that, on a certain occasion, he became so intensely interested on the subject that he lifted up.

As he rode along he paused-he determined that he would make a full test of the matter whether there was any salvation for him. He dismounted and knelt beside a large stump, and commenced praying with the intention, as he afterward said to a friend.

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There were but few educational advantages at that time in Virginia, and such a thing as a school was hardly known in the portion of Tennessee in which the family settled. Mr. Chapman was, in the strictest sense of the expression, a self-made man. When.

At this meeting he was received as a candidate for the ministry. The meeting was held at Red River Meeting-house in the month of October. It will be recollected that the Commission of the Synod of Kentucky met in the following December, and from that.

He lived a year or two near the head of Desha's Fork of Bedsoe's Creek, but, in 1800, bought land near King's Station, and settled there. He died the same year. He seems to have been a member and ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church.

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William Harris and Robert Donnell were licensed at the same time. At an intermediate meeting of the Presbytery in February, 1813, at Mount Moriah Meeting-house, in Logan county, Kentucky, Alexander Chapman and William Barnett were set apart to the whole work of the ministry. Rev.

Alexander Chapman was a farmer's son, and, of course, he was trained to such pursuits as are common on a farm. The country, too, was new, and the labor of opening a farm and of its early culture was very severe. His education was limited.

Such was the habit of the times. God was working a strange work among the people. Furthermore, he was doubtless, in this case, preparing, by leading him through a dark valley, a chosen vessel for the fulfillment of a great mission among men. He joined.

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