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RIGHT : Lobby card Blondie's Big Moment (1947) With Anita Louise in Blondie's Big Moment Blondie's Reward (1948) Lobby card from Blondie's Reward, with Larry Simms as Alexander and Marjorie Ann Mutchie as Cookie. Blondie's Big Deal (1949) In Blondie's Big Deal, Dagwood gets roughed.

Biographies Arthur Lake (1905-1987) Born Arthur Silverlake in Kentucky on April 17, 1905, Arthur Lake was born into show business, as his parents had a vaudeville act which he joined while still a youth. In the late 1910s, the family made its way to California.

Mid 1940s Columbia promotional photo of Arthur Lake. Suddenly, Lake was famous but soon became so identified with the role that he rarely portrayed another character. In total, Columbia released 28. Blondie films, but the series-and Lake's career-ended following the release of. Beware of Blondie.

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Early 1940s Columbia promotional photo of Penny Singleton. While the film series and radio show had become a success, Singleton's marriage withered and soon ended. She then married producer Robert Sparks, in 1941. Sparks produced the first twelve films in the. Blondie series before he.

Blondie Plays Cupid (1940) Lobby card from Blondie Plays Cupid, one of the funniest films in the series Blondie Goes to College (1942) Lake and Singleton in a promotional photo from. Blondie Goes to College Footlight Glamour (1943) Singleton and Lake camp it up in.

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Mitch Hewer (born 1989), Laura Anderson, Olympia Dukakis, Ariadna Gutierrez, Amira Casar
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Also pictured is Dick Wessel blondie films available from m filmography This listing is for Blondie films only and does not include other film appearances by Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton: Beware of Blondie (1950) with Adele Jergens, Dick Wessel, and Larry Simms Blondie's Hero.

The Jetsons, first aired by ABC in the fall of 1962. Singleton stuck with the role after her husband's death in 1963 and continued to lend her vocal talents to. Jetsons animation through the late 1980s. Penny Singleton passed away on November 12, 2003, following.


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